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  • Why Tasmanian Dating?

    • We are a genuine Tasmanian locally-based online dating website
    • Our customer service team will always work to support you
    • We are an authentic and good-value professional service
    • It's free to test and try us so you can see what we offer
  • What can we offer you?

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  • Dating Tips and Hints

    • Upload your photo and complete your dating profile
    • Be yourself - they can't like you if you're not being you
    • Give yourself time to grow into the partner you want to be
    • Follow these hints closely on how to have a successful date:
    1. Never talk about your past relationships.
    2. Never expect anything - accept everything.
    3. Never rush, fuss or try to control a situation.
    4. Consider the person a friend to have fun with.
    5. Allow the experience to unfold slowly and gently.
    6. Don't talk about your, or other people's, problems.
    7. Be interested in them as a person, not in yourself.
    8. Interview them for depth with lots of nice questions.
    9. Include food, entertainment, and touch in every date.
    10. Don't overcommit your affections or feelings too early.